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Jumpstart your learning experience from the curated selection below. These will help you get started. Not only will you learn the most effective and cheapest way to make your website, but it’ll be professional and sassy!

Beginners’ Crash CoursE

multi page site

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E-learning site

multi- lingual site

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Check out the latest tutorials, tips and features.

wordpress track

All Modules in the WordPress Learning Program

Start with the 4 modules in the WordPress Program to go from knowing nothing in WordPress, to creating multipage websites with blogging. Each module builds upon the previous ones and finishing them all will truly make you a website building superhero soon-soon.

  • Module 1: Crash Course
  • Module 2: Starter
  • Module 3: Core
Module 1: Crash Course

Module 1: Crash Course

Begin here and get a good feel of what you can do in this crash course.

Once you’ve completed the crash course you’ll have a basic understanding of WordPress, themes and builders, and from here we build on in subsequent modules.

Module 2: Starter

Module 2: Starter

Time to go deeper!

Take it to the next level in the Starter module, where we take things a bit slower, zoom in on the features, and give a stronger foundation as to how the components and tools work.

This course will prepare you for module 3 in which we create a website with multiple pages.

Module 3: Core

Coming June 2023

Module 3: Core

In the Course module we build out a multi-page website, with complete Services, About and Contact pages.

We explore the amazing features of Global Blocks, and dive deeper into the intricisies of WordPress, Blocksy and Brizy.

As an addon, the Core Evolved focuses on some premium features from Blocksy and Brizy.

beginner’s crash course

From a Zero to a Semi-Hero: Begin Your Journey HERE!

This is where you start if you’ve never created a website before and have no cookin’ clue what to do next. Go through this spectacular course as a bootcamp experience. Once you’re done, jump into the other options to go deeper and become the ultimate semi-superhero.

beginner’s starter course

From a Zero to a Semi-Hero: Continue Your Journey HERE!

In the Starter module we continue on the crash course, by exploring the very important Global Styling, and dive deeper into the header and footer builder. This course creates the foundation for module 3 (WordPress Core + Core Evolved).

e-learning website

Teach Online by Creating a Course Site!

Put your knowledge online by creating an e-course with LifterLMS. LifterLMS is one of the best and easiest to use plugins to create your online courses. Publish them for free, or go pro. This tutorial will show you how to get your first course on your online e-course site in no time!

Beginners Unite!

Create Your Website, like…today!

At Websites 4 Beginners the focus is the beginner–in fact: the total beginner–and helping you to go from a zero creator to a (semi) hero website creator in the shortest amount of time, yet maintaining quality so that you have the ins and outs knowledge always at hand.

No Coding

You don’t need to know any form of coding, and you’ll never have to. Here you’ll use tools that require zero coding.

beginner focused

Plenty of tutorials online for the intermediates and advanced. We focus on total beginners and the tools to get you going.

Full package

One pagers, multi pagers, blogging, e-commerce, multilingual sites, online learning, knowledge bases–you are covered.

curated options

In the ocean-filled internet of options, the products selected here are geared towards

Making Website Building Fun

Welcome to Websites 4 Beginners. My name is JP and I’m a big website builder enthusiast. I started years ago in WordPress, and began teaching my clients how to maintain their sites. This led to creating some training videos for them, and that led to the YouTube channels.

I’m no coder, nor developer. I live in a beautiful little wine-/university town in the Winelands region in South Africa, big pet lover, and do on the side design, music, photography and video.

Thanks for supporting Websites 4 Beginners. This is a labour of love project so I’m grateful for all the likes, shares and channel subscriptions.

JP (Jean-Pierre Pellissier)

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